A Loose Translation of Music

A Loose Translation of Music is an exploration into the hidden philosophical language shared by design and music. While many projects have experimented with visualizing music, this project seeks to present a commentary on the creative and perceptional principles binding the two realms. Through a series of generative graphics, the project attempts to construct an abstract audio-visual universe that illustrate the language mastering all creative and perceptive processes — the language of “Changes”. While some concepts that helped shaping this project are extracted from music and design theories, this project has been driven from a philosophical perspective, nurtured by ideas from psychology of space and time, Relativity, String Theory and I Ching (易經). The centre piece is a short motion graphic video that describes five principles that marry music and design, while other components at the exhibition gave these visual metaphors physical forms for the audiences to form their understandings through composing physically after watching the video. The project was selected as The Tutor's Choice at the 2017 PolyU Design Annual Show. Conception/Writing/Visualization/Music — Tinghao Hu Tutor — Dr. Keung Hung Narration — Angie Will

Motion Graphics | 2017

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