SH Pinscher Free Bitmap Font

Just like a Doberman Pinscher, SH Pinscher is slim, elegant, focused, fun, and designed to kill all at the same time. This beast is a bit more typographic than the typical bitmap fonts out in the wild, with its ligatures, small-cap, symbols, supported languages and even emojis. Ah, ok, so you've spotted the fact that SH Pinscher cheats its way to achieve better optimized legibility and readability than the “real” bitmap fonts. This bad boy will not technically work on bitmap systems, but it's not like you are likely to be downloading it for a bitmap device according to my statistics anyway. Just consider it a love letter to the classic bitmap graphics. This is a type design practice driven by an urge to learn about how fonts are made. This is the first time I have designed a working font, and my love letter to bitmap graphics. I kind of cheated here and there in the minor details of the glyphs to optimize it typographically while remaining a classic bitmap look. This is offered as a free font for all purposes as I do need your help to grow and improve. Feel free to download a copy and tell me what you think. The download link is at the very end of the page.

Type Design | 2017

Free for Personal, Charity, Commercial Uses. 

Note:  This is a continuous project. Consider your download a beta version, and expect more glyphs, features & styles to come. Follow me to stay tuned for more. This is the first font I have developed as an independent, learning designer. Please do consider helping me grow by providing any critique or feedback on SH Pinscher, and feel free to make requests and suggestions directly down at the comment section of this font's Behance page. If you are willing to show any support financially, please simply consider donating money to charity of your choice. Much appreciate your support and interest. Have fun.

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