Signage Stencil Plate: The logo was inspired by the stencial style that can be easily spotted around Sham Shui Po. A real stencil plate was ordered from one of the traditional signage makers, Mr Wu in order to closely inspect how the letterforms were created.
A stereotypical signage in Sham Shui Po.
Patterns: Sham Shui Po is quite well known for its clustered, vibrant and diverse organism, which is especially visible in forest of shop signages. Hence, nothing says “Sham Shui Po” more than the old district's typographic elements.
Street of Sham Shui Po clustered with shop signages.
Logo Variants: The signage boards not only inspired the patterns, but also the multi-directional variants of the core logo, attempting to reinforce the resemblence to Sham Shui Po.
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