Switch Identity Reimagined

This is a self-initiated project that was not commissioned or requested by the owner of the brand/shop (Switch Shenzhen Skate Shop), but rather, driven by appreciation for the shop. Please note that the design concept shown here does not reflect the identity of the brand, but merely presents an imagined possibility of it.  這是一個未經該店所有者委託的自發設計項目,僅因設計者對該店的好感而發起。請知悉,此處呈現的設計概念並不直接反映該品牌在現實中的形象,而是僅想象並呈現品牌的一個未来可能性。

Brand Identity | 2017

Note: This project is a self-initiated practice that was not commissioned or requested. The shop is currently operating with its original brand identity and may not be considering to adopt the above designs. 本項目為未經該店/品牌持有者委託的自發設計項目。該店目前正以其原有品牌識別系統運營,並可能不考虑採納上方呈現之設計概念。

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