Motif #1 — Infinity

“Dao creates one, one creates two, two creates three, then three gives birth to all.” Creatively, one should never stop absorbing, internalizing, evolving, impacting and inspiring. By all means, be absolutely shameless, and steal like an artist in your work. There is no real, meaningful limits boundaries, or ends to any creation, just like there should be none for creators. This project was initiated as a commentary on “Final_Final.pdf” — the identity developed for The 2017 Polyu Design Annual Show, which faced wide criticism regarding its not-quite-arguable or just badly wrapped plagiarism, as well as not living up to the concept and message that it proclaims to be communicating. The imageries used in this project were created through photographing installation units produced as part of “Final_Final.pdf”. The statement is that creators should always attempt to take the experiment one step further, and that theres honor among thieves (盜亦有道).

Graphic Design | 2017
Experimentation I:
Experimentation II:
Experimentation III:
Poster Design:

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